Introducing The Unlimited Power Group

Leverage through Diversification.


Here are some of the services offered by The Unlimited Power Group. The key to our success has been diversification. We will continue to add to these services as trends change and our minds keep innovating. Our goal is to employ exceptional people and to offer exceptional service to our clients.


Tax Preparation

With over 25 years in the tax preparation business. The Unlimited Power Group provides Tax Preparation that you can trust. We are second to none. We utilize industry leading software in our tax preparation business. Our cost is lower than our competitors. At UPG we help our clients maximize their tax returns.


Website Development

Need a website? With over 15 years providing Website Design and Development we can provide you with a site that is modern and professional. We have the experience and knowledge to maximize your websites potential. UPG creates hiqh-quality flexible web design, custom designed to target your audience. From the initial design phase, to the final launch, you have the expertise of a well seasoned firm behind you.


Credit Improvement

Free consultation. No upfront cost. No contracts. No commitments. Improving your credit score with us is easy. Our comprehensive approach means that we do the work and you sit back and wait for the results. Results within the first 30 days. Equifax, Experian and Transunion Credit. Lowest cost and best service in the industry.


Vacation and Travel Planning

Follow us to a better vacation! Powerful Online Search, Personalized Service and Expertise...Plus Exclusive Deals & Extras. Get more out of every Vacation. We are dedicated to delivering quality vacation experiences at the very best value for travelers worldwide. When it comes to choosing a travel company you can trust - you can count on 4MYWORLD Travel.


Business Services

We over several business services from preparation of business formation documents, Notary services, Preparation of Tax exempt status documents, Grant and Propoasal writing, Business Plans, etc.


Venture Capitalism

The Ultimate goal of The UPG is to partner with innovators, inventers and investors to bring new and great ideas to the forefront.